A1 academy

Support moulds

A1 is very suitable for making very strong and also lightweight support moulds, by laminating A1 in combination with A1 Triaxial fibre.

Stabilize the silicone mould before starting to make the first support mould.
Cut the A1 Triaxial fibre into various sizes, enough for 4 layers.
Set up A1 Liquid and A1 Powder (1:2) in weight.
Gently add the A1 Powder to the A1 Liquid. Stir the mixer till all lumps have disappeared (± 1 min.) resulting in a smooth material.
Apply A1 with a brush on the silicone mould.
Add the A1 Triaxial fibre on the wet A1. Continue until the entire silicone mould is covered with A1 and a layer of A1 Triaxial fibre.
Again add a layer of A1...
...and apply a 2nd layer of A1 Triaxial fibre on the still wet A1.
Set up A1 Liquid and A1 Powder (1:2) in weight.
Brush this layer again with A1. Repeat until you have applied 4 layers of A1 Triaxial fibre.
Let the A1 support mould dry for 60 minutes.
If desired, the A1 support mould can be finished with a multitool.
If needed, holes can be drilled in the A1 support mould to add bolts and nuts
The A1 support mould is ready for use
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